Moku:Pro nominated for Elektronik Products of the Year 2022

Moku:Pro nominated for Elektronik Products of the Year 2022

Well deserved: Moku:Pro nominated for Elektronik Products of the Year 2022

Moku:Pro was nominated for readers’ choice of Products of the Year 2022. In 2022, the renowned specialist magazine “Elektronik” will select the most innovative and successful products of the year for the 24th time, with the multifunctional and software-configurable all-rounder competing in the “Messtechnik + Sensorik” category. Everyone can take part in this readers’ poll free of charge and support their favorites. Therefore, vote now for Moku:Pro from Liquid Instruments!

Up to 9 integrated instruments

The multi-talent Moku:Pro currently supports up to 9 integrated measurement instruments, which are selected depending on the application and ready for use in seconds. Further measurement functions for the integrated high-performance FPGA are already being developed. Moku Cloud Compile (MCC) enables the user to compile and implement their own individual measurement functions using VHDL. With the cloud environment, users can easily share their own code within a team and with other colleagues.

Icon of Multi-instrument mode

Up to 4 measuring functions at the same time

Operate up to 4 measuring instruments simultaneously with 2 channels per instrument with the Multi-instrument Mode. Instruments get full, simultaneous access to all 4 analog inputs or internal inputs (1.25 GS/s of 10 bit ADCs) as well as back panel triggering. Each instrument can drive the analog outputs to support a range of different scenarios for signal measurements, generation and real-time control.

A story of success

Liquid Instruments’ technical management team brings extensive expertise in complex measurements with experience from the Australian National University, the Max Planck Institute, Lockheed Martin, Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Moku:Pro expands the range of software-defined solutions from Moku:Lab, a 12-in-1 measurement platform for research and, more recently, Moku:Go, a complete and portable solution for training laboratories.

Source: Liquid Instruments

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